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Anonymity by AlpinusTheFox Anonymity :iconalpinusthefox:AlpinusTheFox 29 21
Ive been holding onto something
It tastes alot like fire
I put it between my fingers
And hold it by a lighter
The ashes look like flower petals
So I'm not sure why it burns
The embers dance is gentle
But my stomach starts to turn
I wonder why smoke smells sweet
Because my lungs protest in screams
My fingers begin to fade
From red to black
Then blow away
Realization dawns through burning fodder
That kerosene looks just like water
:iconalpinusthefox:AlpinusTheFox 11 7
Feet in the sand
Tripping on conch shells
Waiting for someone
Salt bites the bloody feet
The sun is testy
Sporadic rays of light
Licking the sea
Before the wind blown clouds
Cover them again
And all is quiet
Though the cries of seagulls
Are ignored
Sea filled ears
Fine tuned
For the specific words
"You'll be okay."
But the silence is choking
The tide begins to rise
The light is less and less
Clouds as black as ebony
Hide the blue infinity
When Seaweed swims between the toes
Imagination feels monsters
Lurking in the depths
The ocean swallows the shore
Waves like mountains
Sea is black
Cold, like liquid space
Cover the face
Tongue meets brine
Lungs depart from oxygen
Theres no turning back
Eyes flash open
Accepting the sting of salt
Hands pry at coral
Something slides across the toes
Its not seaweed anymore
Whales like living water
Larger than they seem
Open up
Scratched by baleen
Unforgiving currents
Lungs are weeping
She swims deeper
Missing seaweed
Safe as a dream
:iconalpinusthefox:AlpinusTheFox 9 7
Summer Lynx! by AlpinusTheFox Summer Lynx! :iconalpinusthefox:AlpinusTheFox 13 8 Guardian by AlpinusTheFox Guardian :iconalpinusthefox:AlpinusTheFox 29 19
Plastic Stars
The stars walk by
Their lurid light exposing
As they pass
Their mass imposing
I break and shatter
But unlike glass
And forced
To do it
But now
There is no more room for stitches
And the stars are somewhere else
I wonder
Which is better
In the hollow
Detrimenting darkness
Unconnected limbs
Attempt to move
In the dirt and dust
That has built on top of my long unused soul
But my dripping conciousness
To be alone
Is to be free
And plastic is cut
Like a star
Melted into phospur
And held up to the light of my memories
It holds them in an eerie, unwavering, but ever-fading
Of a
Plastic Star
:iconalpinusthefox:AlpinusTheFox 7 4
Euphoria by AlpinusTheFox Euphoria :iconalpinusthefox:AlpinusTheFox 27 28 Berries for a Monk by AlpinusTheFox Berries for a Monk :iconalpinusthefox:AlpinusTheFox 32 20 Lucky by AlpinusTheFox Lucky :iconalpinusthefox:AlpinusTheFox 22 17 I Just Wanted to Know the Time by AlpinusTheFox I Just Wanted to Know the Time :iconalpinusthefox:AlpinusTheFox 30 21 Linsang by AlpinusTheFox Linsang :iconalpinusthefox:AlpinusTheFox 31 12 Leaking by AlpinusTheFox Leaking :iconalpinusthefox:AlpinusTheFox 27 26
I don't understand how I can be
So torn open
My chest bleeding
My legs broken
Teeth embedded in my skull
I need a way out
This room is full
But I feel so empty
Mind invaded by starving beasts
Unafraid to try
They need to eat
If a pick up a brush
And soak the paper in red
Warm hands wrap the wounds
And demons fled
The paper is full of my agony
A spilled organ splatter
But what people see
Is artistry
All dogs must be fed
So I feed them my mind
Served with paint
It seems to satisfy
The tears appear to fade
And a smile creeps its way
Up my face
It doesn't belong there
But it needs someplace to stay
Just for a night
:iconalpinusthefox:AlpinusTheFox 9 19
Breathe by AlpinusTheFox Breathe :iconalpinusthefox:AlpinusTheFox 22 7 Immortal Emperor by AlpinusTheFox Immortal Emperor :iconalpinusthefox:AlpinusTheFox 27 20 Fade Away by AlpinusTheFox Fade Away :iconalpinusthefox:AlpinusTheFox 54 12


my vice is living
god, sometimes breathing this air feels like a sin,
inhaling the bitter taste of oxygen
choked with smoke & all this goddamn air pollution.
and now the gutters of my mind are filled with acid rain,
burning holes into my brain,
but it's fine;
i'm okay
i'm okay
i'm okay.
walking the tightrope between my head and my heart
but i never had very good balance,
so we'll see how that ends.
sometimes i want to bury myself alive
but most of the time i just feel
like i've got a deadbeat mind
and i lost the will to sing
(i've lost the will to do most anything).
but sometimes i want to cover the world
in pastels and scream that
it doesn't have to be greyscale;
we can colour our lives any way we want to.
sometimes i just want to survive
in this not-quite-black-and-white life.
:iconinthespacebetween:inthespacebetween 19 20
the cerulean planet
skyscraper static
buzzing like neon signs,
walking on the edge of a knife,
nerve damage and
feet bandaged
tell me the graphite was too graphic for you
because art is pain,
because somewhere along the way
we learned how to make our hurting beautiful.
so we dress our scars in constellations and
paint our bruises galactic indigo,
and we teach each other about
the broken and the beautiful,
and we realize that
we can be both.
sea salt tears
filling up our eyes,
and we're treading water,
we are each a world within ourselves.
some of us are meant to keep moving:
we were born with road-map veins,
and we travel along
the blue-blood routes
without stopping for too long.
some of us are meant to stay:
we were born with soft skin
and electric nerves all shot up
and shot out,
broken moon-stained glass
littering the atmosphere.
and some of us are meant
to wait and watch the dawn
until we figure out who we are
and who we'll be,
black turning quietly
to light, grey-blue
and the silhouettes of the trees
:iconinthespacebetween:inthespacebetween 16 12
Daily: 5-25-17 by Meorow Daily: 5-25-17 :iconmeorow:Meorow 33 4 Dr Strange by Abz-J-Harding Dr Strange :iconabz-j-harding:Abz-J-Harding 519 12 Sandhill Crane by CaitlinHackett Sandhill Crane :iconcaitlinhackett:CaitlinHackett 151 17
sleepless + suffocating
maybe someday i'll be able to breathe
without strangers haunting my dreams
and truth is,
i'll dream about you once and
think i know you when all i really know is
how i view you,
which means all i really know is
maybe someday i'll be able to see
the sun rise without it being
because i couldn't sleep all night,
and maybe someday i'll get to wake up
and pretend i like tea
and sit with warmth in my hands
and someone i love by my side
without thinking about how much
i don't know them,
because sometimes it feels like
i don't really know anybody at all.
:iconinthespacebetween:inthespacebetween 18 10
the era of digital sleepovers
and i want every night to be this way:
contentment and the feeling that maybe everything
will be okay.
a few hours of safety and the knowledge
that we're secure,
because at least for right now we can be sure;
we know we're eating and laughing
and not alone,
wishing at 11:11 and staying up until 7
and having people to call home,
reminding each other
that we're all loved and cared for.
:iconinthespacebetween:inthespacebetween 20 16
Lady of Wind by wolf-minori Lady of Wind :iconwolf-minori:wolf-minori 246 47 Tiny Terror by MoonsongWolf Tiny Terror :iconmoonsongwolf:MoonsongWolf 593 82 Red-Fronted Macaw by Nambroth Red-Fronted Macaw :iconnambroth:Nambroth 344 10 State Shoes by VictoriaChickie State Shoes :iconvictoriachickie:VictoriaChickie 5 2 Gazal...meh by Sushaly Gazal...meh :iconsushaly:Sushaly 9 0 Gaze by TamberElla Gaze :icontamberella:TamberElla 2,135 49 1/100 billion by Umbra-Avis 1/100 billion :iconumbra-avis:Umbra-Avis 23 8
Sacrificing Life For Change
These sacrifices I've made
To limit my success of succeeding
Silencing my inner voice
As natural instincts turn against surviving
Small changes adapt quickly
To form into a person's liking
I am not myself, but of many
Searching for me? No use of finding
Of the happiness I possessed
She molded it into pins
For me to bump into
And rid me of my sins
Sacrifices for others
Selfless attitude of mine
I have lost interest in myself
To give others the chance to dine
Of all the dreams I dreamt of having
One stuck tightly to my post
For I strive to complete it now
But doing so shall transform me into a ghost
Recognition of my actions
Results in a regretful flood
Death must come upon me
For my name to be covered in blood
For my name to be forever known
Is what I call my life's purpose
As I'll know I will be loved beyond my forever
And remove my own label..."Worthless"
:iconunknowngoalkeeper:UnknownGoalkeeper 9 8
The Isle - Lowest tier by IsisMasshiro The Isle - Lowest tier :iconisismasshiro:IsisMasshiro 1,125 199



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Hi you can call me Alpi or Alpus. I just draw animals and stuff. I don't do commissions and only sometimes requests but you can ask about an art trade. If you have any questions or just need a random person to talk to you can note me :D


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